Brush Permit:  These permits can be issued based on the class day issued by the state of Maine Forestry Service.  These permits to burn brush can be obtained on class 1 or 2 days.  There is a list of allowed burning substances that are on the permit.  Stop in to any of Sanford's Fire Stations to learn more. 

Daily Campfire: Perfect for those that wish to have a one time campfire for one night.  Those that are renting should seek permission from their landlord prior to getting a permit.  These permits can be obtained from any of Sanford's Fire Stations.  There is no cost for getting a permit. 

Yearly Campfire: Perfect if you would like to have a campfire in your yard more than one night a year.  This will require that Sanford Fire Department inspects your fire pit for safety.  Stop in to your nearest fire station and talk to our staff. 

City of Sanford Fire Department

How to obtain a burning permit