Question: I went to my local fire station to obtain a burn permit and no one was there. What do I do?

Answer: With 4,000 calls the Sanford Fire Department is not always on hand to issue burn permits. In addition to emergent calls we perform public safety details, public assists, and training events.   You are welcome to drive to one of our other Fire Stations and obtain a burn permit.  Calling before you wish to obtain a permit may also be helpful.  For phone numbers click the contact link.  Contact

Question: Why does a fire engine go with the ambulance to calls?

Answer:When a call for the ambulance is placed a fire engine will respond in two scenarios. 

1. The call is in South Sanford or Springvale.  In this case the fire engine (that has medical equipment and EMT's or Paramedics) will respond to start providing care while the ambulance is enroute from Central Station.

2. The call is in Central Station's district and meets a criteria for call severity.  The extra personnel are paramount to providing the best pre-hospital care possible.

Question:  Why do firetrucks idle during the Winter?

Answer:Firetrucks are filled with water 1000 gallons on average.  Most of the water is in the storage tank and would be hard to freeze.  However the pump has water in it and the water can freeze taking the engine out of service.  This water needs to move around.  During the winter the trucks run to circulate the water and move it around.  In addition there are items that need to charge.  Laptops, gas meters, flashlights, and radios are just some examples of those items.

Question:Does the Sanford Fire Department inspect woodstove or furnace chimneys?

Answer:The Sanford Fire Department does not inspect chimneys at this time.  To obtain an inspection please contact one of the local chimney and woodstove stores. 

Question: My smoke detector is beeping once every few seconds what should I do?

Answer: Often smoke detectors will notify the homeowner by chirping every 5-10 seconds if the battery is low.  If you have replaced the battery with a new battery and it is still chirping most times the sensor inside is dirty and needs to be cleaned.  This can be fixed by using a short burst of compressed air.  If the beeping persists contact the manufacturer of the device.  Most often the detector needs to be replaced. 

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